Drive-on Boat Dock FAQ's

Q. What is the best way to launch my boat into the water"? 
A. That is one the best parts of a drive on boat lift. just trim the motor into the water and just start the motor and put the throttle in reverse. View the video of the launch process. If the boat doesn't want to launch then you can move to the back of the boat or move weight in the back such as having people move towards the back of the boat. Another option is to purchase a roller assembly kit which should make a significant difference.

Q. What is the Warranty of your Slider and Wheely Dock Products? We offer a 4 year limited warranty on all of our watercraft floats.  Click here for warranty document.

Q. Can I adjust the rollers on the Wheely Dock?
A. Yes  you can !!! Free washers are available upon request to place under the axle of the roller. Using these washers will raise the roller which can improve the performance of the wheel. Using these products is optional.  Click here for Wheel Shim Assembly diagram

Q. How do I drive my boat onto the Slide or Wheely dock float? 
A. The best way to park your boat onto the watercraft float is to approach your float at "Idle" speed and let your watercraft bow sit on the float entry way. Then apply throttle until your boat is about one-fourth onto the float. After a few tries you will learn how much thrusting power is needed to provide the proper parking. View drive on video 

Q. What colors do you provide?
A. Beige color is offered because it greatly reduces heat adsorption as compared to black and gray colors. 

Q. Can I leave my Slider Dock or Wheely Dock in during the winter months?
Moving ice will tear and damage your watercraft float, but freezing water will not damage or crack the Slider or Wheely Dock durable outer polyethylene shell or foam filled inside.  If you plan to take out your float in a stand alone or fixed dock application we recommend using the external 4" pipe holder kit.  This kit will allow you to uninstall your float from the pipes rather then uninstalling the pipes. 

Q. Are the watercraft docks shipped through FedEx or UPS?
A. These units are shipped through various LTL (Less then Truck Load) carriers.

Q. How can I secure my watercraft to the float and protect it from theft?
A. Our patent pending bow stop includes a molded loop which  you can secure your watercraft.  If you do not have a bow stop, you can secure your watercraft to your attachment kit or by placing a dock cleat on your floating dock or fixed dock and securing your watercraft to the dock cleat.

Q. Which attachment kit should I use for my floating dock? 
A. We highly recommend using our hot dip galvanized steel attachment kits for front mount installation  on floating docks.  Our polyethylene arm kits are more ideal for side attachments to floating docks. If you have any additional questions try to use our attachment kit finder wizard